Faithbark admires organizations’ like Ronald McDonald House, that help so many families in need with much needed health care that provides a stable, loving, home-like environment. We felt if there was a place where dogs on “Death Row” can be pulled from certain death and brought to a sanctuary, so many dogs can be saved. This sanctuary would feature the home-like environment dogs need to be psychologically and physically healthy.

We intend to have a nationwide rescue task force by having people who want to help join Rescue Central and get on our map. This map allows us to easily pull dogs from different states and have them placed temporarily in a foster home provided by one of rescue central members. Faithbark will then provide the funds for the dog to get any immediate medical care, so they can be transported across state lines if needed. We will then contact rescue groups in that state to see if the dog can be placed there till they are adopted. If not, the dog will be brought to Chance Ranch, where we will be able to house a minimum of 120 dogs at any time.

Chance Ranch will feature an onsite vet and groomer. We are also planning on having cabins that can be rented for visitors and families who may have a sick dog that is being cared for…just like Ronald’s House :) There will be a dining hall, ample play areas, a doggie pool and round-the-clock attention. We will offer doggie wedding services, carnivals, picnics and so many other fun ways of getting these dogs safe, loving furever homes.

Eventually, we hope to have a Chance Ranch in each state. That is our true ultimate goal.

At the moment, Chance Ranch is just a goal, but you can help make it a reality. We will be holding several unique, fun fundraisers to pave the way to make Chance Ranch a reality. The following list contains the goals FaithBark will have to achieve before we can make this all happen. We will be tackling each goal in the exact order they’re listed. FaithBark will always be upfront with our supporters by letting them know how their dollars are being spent. Please understand these are just estimates. When the time approaches for each step, we will inform you of any changes in final costs.


Federal License – $2,300

Thanks to your participation in our contests, auctions and kind donations, we have been able to submit the paperwork for the federal license and the $850 we needed for the IRS fee and have since been approved for our 501 (c)(3) status.

(Originally estimated at $1,500)
– The kennel permit will also be set in place when Chance Ranch is built, for when FaithBark itself, is capable to actually “house” the dogs ourselves.

Purchase 5 – 10 Acres of Land – $60,000 – NEXT GOAL

– This land will be purchased in Golden Gate Estates in Naples, Florida. Of course, we will attempt to obtain 10 acres for the amount above, but we can’t possibly know what the outcome will be. However, we should be able to find something close to where we want and need to be. We chose this area for a few reasons. It’s a good central location to get to the east coast and Miami quickly if we need to. Miami is notorious for being high-kill. Golden Gate Estates offers very large properties and is country-like. We want the compound to be a fun place where people can come and really get to know the dogs they are adopting. We will also host fun “picnic” fundraisers that have an old-fashioned neighborly feel to them. Golden Gates is very animal friendly and is the type of community where there’s a good chance your neighbor can have horses on their property. This will help the FaithBark’s in-house vet’s practice with immediate local clients, as well as a constant flux of new ones.

Complete Construction of Compound & Transport Trailer – $130,000

– Our intentions for this stage is to aggressively try to obtain funding grants from the government. FaithBark will act as their own contractor. They will hire each construction service separately after thorough screening and pay these companies for their labor only. FaithBark will then pay for the materials needed for each stage of construction.


Grand Opening, Inspection, Zoning Fees, Taxes, Permits, Supplies, Marketing, Staff, etc… – $200,000

– These are Chance Ranch proposed operational annual costs that will incur prior to our grand opening, as well as continue on an annual basis. These fees are separate from any other event costs we may be connected with (ie; fairs, festivals, expos, etc…) .


I will now give you a detailed description using the illustration below as a visual guide to help you.


The house in the left corner of the property is the Main House that will cater to potential adopter’s who visit, as well as FaithBark staff. To save on Operational costs, we will install solar panels to supply electricity to the entire compound. The rooms in the main house are defined by letters. I will discuss each one right now:
A – DINING & CONFERENCE AREA – This room will be used for FaithBark staff to hold meetings, as well as enjoy their meals during break time.

B – KITCHEN – This is where the meals will be prepared for the day and overnight staff of FaithBark. We will also offer refreshments to potential adopters.

C – ORIENTATION ROOM – When a potential adopter comes to visit, they will fill out the adoption screening forms and be interviewed here. If approved, they will be escorted outside to choose a dog they want to give a forever home to.

D – BATHROOM – This is for the convenience of the visitors and FaithBark overnight staff.

E – OFFICE – This is a locked room for management only.

F – MANAGER’S BEDROOM – This is a locked room for management only.

G – STORAGE ROOM – This is a locked room that will store excess dry and paper goods for the Main House kitchen.

H – FIRST AID ROOM – This room will be utilized for quick non-urgent First Aid, stocked with commonly used items. This will be used mainly by the overnight staff, when the vet clinic is closed.

I – NIGHT KENNEL TECH BEDROOM – To save on operational costs, an experienced Kennel Tech will be offered this position. They will give their services 7 nights a week, in exchange for room and board. They will be responsible to be on call during early evening hours and will be required to sleep at the compound every night.


MEET AND GREET | AGGRESSIVE DOGS AREA – This pen is designated for potential adopters that are meeting the dogs (one by one) for the first time. If they feel comfortable with the dog, they will be moved to the larger play area adjacent to the meet and greet pen. When this pen is not being used, we will utilize this pen for exercise and behavioral training for dominant and aggressive dogs that need to be segregated from others.

DOG WALK AREA –This area if for exercising dogs that need to be leashed at all times, as well as “quick potty” for other dogs.

MAIN KENNEL BUILDING – Directly to the right of the Main House and in front of the door walk area is the Main Kennel Building. This building will have to floors and contain 55 rooms that contains two ledge style comfortable beds. These rooms will be able to accommodate 1 aggressive dog, 2 large well-mannered dogs, or 3 – 4 smaller well-mannered dogs. A minimum of 100 dogs can be housed here at any given time. This building will be temperature maintained, kept spotless and will prove to be quite comfortable for the dogs. This building will also have a restroom for the staff.

KITCHEN & FOOD STORAGE BUILDING – The meals for the dogs will be stored and prepared here, as well as serve as a backup for any fundraising events we may be hosting on the property, It will be setup similarly to a restaurant’s kitchen, with separate prep areas for dog and human food.

VET’S OFFICE & PHARMACY – This building will be “rented” by a licensed Vet that will provide no-cost services to the dogs on the compound, in exchange for rent. They can choose to live there, or have a Vet assistant sleep there every night. Either way, FaithBark will always have a vet on the premises 24/7 for the dog’s health and welfare. This vet will be able to have a full practice on our premises, as well as offer some low cost services to low income families that have dogs. This building will also have six kennels for urgent need dogs and dogs in containment.

GROOMING AND BATHING AREA – Like the Vet’s office, a Licensed Professional Groomer will be offered to rent the space in exchange for their services. They too will be able to conduct grooming services on the property. General bathing will be conducted by the kennel techs, but nail clipping, matting and adoption prep will be handled by the groomer. This trailer-style building will have a room for grooming, in addition to an outdoor doggie shower area, a bathroom, small kitchen and bedroom.

SMALL DOG/PUPPY | LARGE PLAY AREAS – Both play areas are designed for sizes defined. Each play area has a gazebo for shade, with benches and water stations.

POOL PLAY AREA – Dogs that are allowed to play in this area must “earn it”. They must be well-tempered, behaved dogs. The pool will be approximately 12 inches in depth for safety purposes. The dog will be able to walk in and walk out of the pool with no effort. The pool will also feature a sprinkler system for extra refreshment on extreme hot days. This area will too have a gazebo and water stations. Once the compound grows in popularity, we will install a supervised water therapy pool for the dogs.

TRANSPORT TRAILER – To save on travel costs, the RV-like trailer will be able to sleep 6 people and transport up to 20 dogs. It will also feature a small kitchen, bathroom and supply storage to save on additional travel expenses such as meals.

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