What is Rescue Central?

The Outline & Purpose

Rescue Central is split in two sections. The Rescue Member Map section contains a map of the United States that contain members that want to help dogs. These members are willing to Transport, Pull, Foster and offer financial assistance. During the map registration process, the member chooses which breed/s they are willing to help. dog-life-preserverThis map makes it extremely easy to locate someone in any state that is willing to help a particular breed. This expeditious fashion allows dogs to be rescued much faster, which in many circumstances means a matter of life or death. Only members that are on the map themselves can view the map and other members information.

Rescue Central Listings contains forms for many breeds that allows registered members to publish their own listings. It could be a dog in urgent need of rescuing, a dog that was found, a dog that needs fostering, etc. These listings are immediately published in the main blog area, with each area having it’s own administrator. This way when a dog is saved from an urgent situation, the administrator will now place that dog in the “Rescued & Safe” section. This keeps Rescue Central clean and organized, as confusion can hinder the success of saving other dogs.

Each Breed in Rescue Central has the same important links specific to that breed and dogs that are mixed with that breed. I will outline each link, so you get familiarized with them and will easily learn their purpose. So, let’s go!

  • Urgent Rescue – This is where you will find dogs within that breed that are in need of urgent help. They may be a dog in a shelter that will be euthanized soon, or maybe a dog on a site like Craig’s List that is obviously in potential trouble.
  • Adoptable (Breed) – The dogs listed here are in no immediate danger, but still need a forever home.
  • Rescued & Safe – When dogs in the urgent rescue section are rescued and safe from danger, they are moved to this category.
  • In Foster – The dogs from the Rescued & Safe section get moved here when someone is officially assigned as the foster for them.
  • Urgent Rescue Form – This form can be filled out by any registered member. Once the member completes the form, a post is immediately published and the dog goes straight in to the Urgent Rescue section. The member is responsible for what they publish.
  • Non-Urgent Rescue Form – This form works just like the Urgent Rescue form, but is intended for dogs that are not in any immediate danger. When these posts get published, the posts go straight to the Adoptable section and never sees the Rescued & Safe or In Foster section.
  • Adopted (Breed) – This is an archive for all the dogs we were successfully able to help.

So there you have it! Rescue Central! Will you be a part of it?

TO ALL RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS & SHELTERS: As you can see, FaithBark’s Rescue Central can be quite a valuable resource for you. Especially for those of you who do not have a website, or find themselves struggling to get the dogs noticed on sites like Facebook. We welcome you to join, post dogs that need help and become a part of the Rescue Map. We are also looking for those who are interested in taking over the admin rights to some of the breed sections and/or the “group” page that belongs to that breed. Please message Mr. Corgi WaddleButt if you are interested.

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